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Product Inspection Services in China and Myanmar

Product inspection is a must, during production, buyers and quality managers must track manufactured goods to ensure they

Product Inspection Services in Myanmar.

Product inspection is a must, during production, buyers and quality managers must track manufactured goods to ensure they comply with local regulations in the area where the products will be sold.

These goods must meet the quality standards of their company and shipments must be made within the deadlines. Thanks to an on-site inspection system, you can control the manufacturing process and ensure that the products evaluated correspond to the specific requirements defined. The purpose of these product inspections is to reduce and eliminate as much as possible most of the risks that customers may face when importing goods from overseas.

These controls cover the entire needs of the product supply chain and can be achieved at various stages of production:

What are the available inspection services in Myanmar

Most products require strict testing and certifications. So in order to comply with international regulations and enhance your product quality, inspection at source is mandatory to mitigate all import risks.

Initial production check

A check of raw materials and accessories carried out just before the start of production helps to minimize the risk of using inferior raw materials.

The IPC is an inspection carried out in the factory premises before the production of your product begins and which ends once 20% of the production volume has been completed. Being a preliminary inspection of all machinery and materials that will be used in the manufacture of your product, the IPC is the first step to ensure a uniform quality of your product throughout the production. An IPC is an early prevention system that, for an amount of USD 240, protects your product against various risks that could lead to very high import charges.

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During Production Inspection

An inspection during production (DUPRO or DPI), or online production inspection (IPI), evaluates finished and semi-finished products within some of the stages of the production process. In general, it is carried out from the moment that 40% of your order has been prepared and 20% has been packed for export.

This inspection increases your control over production and allows you to correct defects and improve quality at the right time.


• Verify that your order is ready on time

• Guarantees that your products conform to the initial sample

• It allows introducing adjustments within the production cycle on time

Pre-Shipment Inspection:

This type of inspection provides a representative sample of what has been produced and assesses the quality of the goods once packaged and ready for shipment. The final inspection is based on statistical rules and is based on globally recognized sampling methods (ANSI / ASQCZ1.4 / ISO 2859-1) that include the Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) determination.

Container Loading Check

During a Container Loading Check, we will monitor the loading of your container, from the 1st carton till the container is fully loaded and sealed. This is an important step to safeguard your shipment and ensure your goods transit under optimal conditions.

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