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Pre-customs clearance Inspection Previo en Origen


With the increase in trade of goods with Mexico, a lot of suppliers often fail to realize their customs’ requirements. As a result, the shipments are scrutinized at the customs and wastes a lot of your valuable time. Thus, looking at the increasing trend of exports to Mexico Tetra Inspection has decided to offer Pre-customs clearance inspection services for its clients.

What is Pre-customs clearance Inspection?

Pre-customs clearance InspectionPre-customs clearance Inspection or locally called "the Previo en Origen" is a type of inspection that is carried out prior to the dispatch of shipments to Mexico.

The pre-customs clearance inspections include the visual checking of:

  • Container & package condition
  • Number of pieces
  • Commercial invoices
  • Pre-tariff classification
  • Document review
  • Compliance with Mexican official regulation & standards
  • Standard labelling as per Mexican requirement

If all the requirements comply with the Mexican regulations, then the customs clear the shipment. Whereas, if there is any deficiency in any of these aspects, the shipment is delayed, unless the corrections are made.

As a result, it becomes extremely important for shipments headed to Mexico to get a seamless passage through the Mexican customs check. In addition, here are a few more benefits that you can avail while using the Tetra Inspection’s Previo en Origen.

Importance of Pre-Customs Clearance Inspection

the Previo en OrigenIn addition to the saved time and cost on shipment, here are a few other benefits of pre-customs inspection:

  • It helps you maintain your brand image with shipment delivery on time.
  • Saves your products from the customs checking process that may damage your products and ultimately your brand image.
  • Ensures hassle-free passage of shipment from customs that can otherwise cause trouble for your future transactions in Mexico.
  • You get a positive rating from the customs officials and thus pre-customs inspection helps you grow your business reputation in Mexico.
  • Avoids any last-minute surprise that can cause you a substantial amount of fine during the customs clearance process.
  • With the Pre-customs clearance inspection, you can calculate the Taxes and Tariffs accurately and avoid overpaying the officials.

Thus, a Previo en Origen can greatly improve your supply chain and help maintain your brand image.

Procedure for Pre-Customs Clearance Inspection (Previo en Origen)?

Pre-customs clearance inspection is a technical inspection that covers multiple aspects at a time. For instance, the following aspects of your shipment are checked thoroughly at the Mexican customs. As a result, they are a part of the pre-customs clearance inspection. These aspects include:

“Pedimento” entry paperwork
HTS code for customs broker
Loading sheet
Pre-tariff classification
Mexican Official Regulations and Standards (NOM)

Entry paperwork or Pedimento is the single most important document for your shipment. Any issues found with the "Pedimento" can have you end up paying a hefty sum in terms of fine.

Thus, it is extremely important that you fill the entry paperwork properly. Though, you shouldn't worry as the service is included in the Tetra Inspection pre-customs inspection package.

The HS or HTS codes are the internationally used codes for commodity identification. These codes originated in1983 by world customs organization and have been adapted by 206 countries since. Thus, proper labeling of your shipment with the HS codes before they reach the customs officials of Mexico is extremely important.

The loading sheet provides a layout of the equipment in the containers. In case of a discrepancy in the loading sheet, you may have to pay a heavy fine.

Thus, you must have your loading sheet properly checked by a professional supply chain service provider.

Pre-tariff classification is another major issue that you can be resolved during the pre-custom’s clearance inspection. According to Mexican import rules, different tariffs apply to different products imported from various countries. As a result, the entire list of products and country combination becomes a hectic thing for you to remember. Thus, Tetra Inspection can easily solve your problem and provide your shipment with a pre-tariff classification in no time.

The Mexican Official Regulations and Standards or NOM are the standards that define all the import rules, conditions and any precautions for specific imported products. Hence, you must comply with the NOM otherwise the entire shipment can get confiscated or heavily fined.

As a result, Tetra Inspection provides each of these documents after the pre-customs inspection. This makes it extremely easy and swift to move shipments through the Mexican customs.

Why Use Tetra Inspection Services?

Pre-shipment inspectionTetra Inspection will inspect your shipment and provide digitalized documents indicating any discrepancies found. Thus, your work will become much easier and hassle-free with the state-of-the-art services of Tetra Inspection. The areas that Tetra Inspection inspectors will check through are:

  • “Pedimento” entry paperwork
  • HST code for customs broker
  • Properly filled loading sheet
  • Pre-tariff classification
  • Shipment's compliance with Mexican Official Regulations and Standards (NOM)

Tetra Inspection believes in transparency and open means of communication throughout the project. As a result, we will keep you in the loop throughout the auditing process. At the end of the inspection, we will provide you with a detailed digital report in PDF format. Tetra Inspection's report will include images and snapshots of the weak areas of the shipment. Plus, it will include the ways in which you can improve the shipment further.


Summing up, getting your shipments through the Mexican customs is a big challenge. But with the help of professional pre-customs inspection services provided by Tetra Inspection you can relax while we take care of things. In case you have any queries regarding the entire process or Tetra Inspection, please feel free to contact us on the provided contacts. 

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