• Grayscale Inspection Tools

    What is Grayscale? How to use it?

    Grayscale is used for assessing the color shading in between products and the customer's approval sample or among pieces in production.

  • Product Returns

    The Costly Business of Product Returns

    In America alone, retailers receive $ 260 billion in merchandise returned to retailers. Most of these returned products are either returned due to substandard quality of the product, damage during transportation or because of the substandard manufacturing process used by the vendors

  • Amazon FBA Labelling - sold as set label

    Amazon FBA Labelling Requirements

    To become a successful Amazon seller you are required to have thorough understating of the entire Amazon FBA labeling and packaging requirement.

  • Mold prevention

    Mold prevention best practices

    Mold is a type of fungus that can be categorized as one of the most dangerous microorganisms for your brand. You might be wondering how a seemingly harmless strand of Fungus can affect your brand image.

  • Prop 65 label

    Fact Sheet on California’s Proposition 65 (Prop 65)

    According to the Prop 65 regulation: “Any person doing business in California who knowingly and intentionally exposes California consumers to one of 900 listed chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity must give a “clear and reasonable” warning to those consumers.” Proposition 65 is the set of laws that require businesses

  • inspection AQL table calculator

    How To Choose The Suitable AQL Level?

    For every product manufactured, whether in batches or not, there is always a need to inspect them, as to whether or not the manufacturers meet the standards set for the product. Most manufacturers mass produce in batches. It would be a big waste of time, money and energy to go

  • business license

    China Supplier Verification

    Most importers prefer to work with factories instead of placing their order to a trading company or middle man. However, almost all Chinese suppliers claim that they are factories, including Alibaba suppliers, although, in reality, they are commercial companies or worse; they are scammers.

  • Amazon FBA

    The benefits of Quality Control for Amazon sellers

    As an Amazon seller quality control should be your number one priority. It has great benefits when your ordered good or products are pre-inspected before shipment to avoid stories that touch the heart. Once your products are paid in full and shipped, you are beyond the point of no