Quality Control In Egypt

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Product Inspection in Egypt?

  • IPC to assess the production capacity and material's quality.
  • DUPRO to track the quality and production progress.
  • PSI is for detecting and solving the issues before the shipment.
  • CLC is to ensure that only approved products are shipped.
  • Amazon FBA this is a specific inspection service adapted to Amazon sellers

Factory and Ethical Audits in Egypt?

  • Supplier Verification Audit is the 1st contact with your potential supplier to avoid scams or inadequate suppliers.
  • Social Audit (SA8000) is a certification standard to assess the supplier social practices in a workplace
  • Factory Audit (ISO9000) the purpose of this audit is to ensure that you are working with the right partner in terms of capacity and capbility
Tetra Inspection Report

Our Egypt team is stationed in Cairo, Alexandria, Helwan, and throughout the Egyptian territory. Our standard inspection fee in Egypt is $240 all-inclusive. In Egypt, our inspection team will ensure that your goods meet all regulations and requirements. For more information on our quality control services in Egypt and other African countries, please contact us.

Unconventional approach

We go above and beyond to cover all quality aspects, we understand that every product and every factory is unique, therefore, our inspectors have been trained to be curious and remain alert throughout the inspection.

All-included price

Transparent price, US$ 240 all included, there is absolutely no hidden or additional costs (bank charges, weekend or public holidays fees)


We have a restricted team of professionals specialized in some specific product category, they are strategically located near the major production hubs to ensure that we can reach your factory timely.

Full Flexibility

Clients are allowed to cancel or edit their booking until the day before inspection at 6 p.m (China Time). We don't charge our client for any express booking or modifications fees.

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