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What is An Amazon FBA Inspection

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If you want to sell on Amazon then you will have to abide by their stringent FBA rules. These rules were developed in order to improve the Amazon Quality Control for sellers.

As of today, Amazon has become a very competitive market place and one bad product review can damage your brand image in more ways possible than you can possibly imagine.

In order to avoid any such unwanted results for your business, it is highly recommended that you solicit services of professional firms like Tetra Inspection to check your product against the Amazon FBA requirements by performing an Amazon FBA inspection of your products.

What's Amazon FBA Inspection?

Amazon FBA inspection is the inspection that is carried out at the end of the production in supply chain when the products are packed and ready for shipment. Amazon has provided a comprehensive checklist that is required to be fulfilled before your product can be listed on the Amazon store.

As such, Tetra Inspection provides you with a hassle-free Amazon FBA inspection which will ensure that your product makes it to the Amazon warehouse and is not rejected because of any Amazon FBA violations.

Why Amazon FBA Inspection is important?

A lot of companies fail to meet stringent FBA requirements. As a result, their products and at times the complete batches get rejected due to failed compliance to the Amazon FBA requirements. An Amazon FBA inspection will ensure that you enjoy hassle-free selling on the Amazon platform while Tetra Inspection takes care of the FBA requirements.

In addition, there are multiple benefits of getting your product inspected as per the Amazon FBA requirements:

  • The FBA inspections ensure that you are delivering the products that will not get rejected and avoid any troubles that the rejection might cause.
  • The Amazon FBA inspections can help you greatly improve the quality of your deliverables
  • With proper labeling and packaging inspections, you will ensure that the products will end up in the right warehouse, avoiding any penalties and poor customer reviews.
  • The FBA inspection will help you avoid any last minute surprises that can cost you greatly in terms of time, money and customer satisfaction.
Amazon FBA packaging

How the Amazon FBA Inspection is conducted?

At the end of your production phase, Tetra Inspection will send its inspectors who are experienced in conducting Amazon FBA inspections. These inspectors will check your products for:

  • The right quality as has been specified in the FBA requirements.
  • The quality of packing and packaging is checked against the Amazon FBA requirements.
  • Proper labeling and markings on the products including FNSKU labels, suffocation labels, carton labels, etc.
  • The workmanship of the products.
  • Measurements, weights, and GSM of your products as required by the Amazon FBA regulations.

For all Amazon based sellers, it is highly recommended to conduct Amazon FBA inspections prior to the dispatch of your shipments.

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