All-Inclusive - Quality Control Services Starting from $190

What Quality Inspections programs Do We Provide?

Tetra Inspection offers you multiple quality control services that can help you substantially improve your workflow and the quality of the final product that reaches the customer.

Our aim is to provide you turnkey quality control solutions for your business starting from the time the raw material leaves the supplier to the point that your finished product is shipped to the customer. Tetra Inspections provide multiple quality control inspections including:

Product Inspections
Supplier Audit Services
Amazon FBA Inspection


Save money, mitigate import risks and ensure on-time delivery to your final clients by performing product inspections at source, in China, Asia & Africa

Our prices are all inclusive: US$ 240 anywhere in China and other Asian & African countries

Supplier Audit Services

Tetra Inspection a variety of Audits programs to ensure that you are working with the right partner.

The purpose of these audit programs is to evaluate new suppliers, demonstrate that you are socially responsible and also to avoid scams.

Amazon FBA Inspection

Tetra Inspection helps Amazon FBA sellers to check the quality and quantity of their goods before shipment. We have designed a comprehensive inspection checklist covering all Amazon FBA requirements (Product Quality, Product Testing, FNSKU Labels, Suffocation Labels, Carton Labels...etc).

Why You Should Use Our Quality Control Services?

“What's measured improves” ― Peter Drucker

Tetra Inspection assures you that all our quality control audits are aimed at analyzing the shortcomings in the processes and products and intimating a timely action to eradicate the issues and avoid any rolling delays or customer dissatisfaction.

Soliciting Tetra Inspection’s quality control services is a win-win situation for any business as:

  • Timely solutions are provided to any impending issues and delays can be avoided.
  • Quality Control Inspections help you maintain your brand image.
  • Product inspections help increase the number of satisfied customers.
  • You can now enjoy on-time deliveries, high-quality and lower rejection rates for your products.
  • Audits help you avoid regulatory violations and ensure hassle-free operation.
  • A smoother workflow and lower product rejections substantially save cost and time for your business.

As such tetra inspection’s quality control services will benefit you in more ways than you can possibly think of, and all that at extremely affordable prices.

Inspection coverage

How Our Quality Control Services Work?

Tetra Inspection has devised teams of experts who specialize in each individual areas of the supply chain process. Once you contact us we appoint the team that best suits your needs for the audit. The workflow of the audit is usually as follows:

  • You contact Tetra Inspection Quality Control Services and provide your requirements.
  • We analyze your requirements and devise a specialized team for the task.
  • Our auditors visit the desired location of the factory/supplier as required and conduct the onsite audit.
  • We compile the findings of the audit in a comprehensive report that we share with you.

One great thing about our quality control inspections is the transparency that we offer during the entire process. We keep you posted on the actual situation on the ground via detailed reports that help you better understand the loopholes and shortcomings in the process/product.

Also, our quality control procedures strictly abide by the international standards and are designed in order to cater to the local regulatory requirements of various countries Including USA, Europe, Australia, and other nations.