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Lighting Products Inspection

lighting inspection

Tetra Inspection Expertise in Lighting

The manufacture of lighting equipment inChina, and Asia, in general, poses significant challenges for importers and retailers who must remain innovative while continuing to ensure consumer safety and satisfy demanding time-to-market obligations. A proactive lighting equipment quality control strategy is crucial to overcoming these challenges.

Tetra Inspection offers lighting equipment inspection services at every stage of the supply chain: from sourcing new suppliers, through to in-process lighting quality control and final shipment. Our expertise includes product categories such as high-intensity discharge lamps, incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, light emitting diodes (LED), traffic control signs, etc.

Tetra Inspection verifies the quality, specifications, functions, and safety of your lighting products, as well as the compliance of your lighting products with relevant international standards.

Lighting Quality Control Approach

Quality control of lighting products requires considerable on-site experience and close attention to detail, our technical engineers customize our standard Product Checklist by adding specific tests to meet your quality requirements. 

Main Tests Performed During an Inspection of Lighting Products

  • Carton drop test.
  • Function test.
  • Endurance test.
  • Temp monitoring
  • Watts verification.
  • Internal check.
  • Labeling-compliance.
  • Lumen check.
  • Rub test.
  • Fitting check.
  • Barcode scanning.
  • Measurement check.
lighting quality control