What it Pre-shipment Inspection?

If you are still not using the Pre-shipment inspection (PSI) services of a reputable company then you might be putting your business at a great risk! Preshipment inspection can do wonders for your business and if you want to know how then you have come to the right place. 

Before moving on with its benefits let’s first find out what Pre-shipment inspection is?

Preshipment inspection is a special inspection of your manufactured goods that assures that your clients get “exactly” what they had ordered.  Usually, the preshipment inspection is carried out when 80% of the batch has been packed for shipment. It is your last chance to make amends and avoid any major issues with your client and/or regulatory authorities.

The pre-shipment Inspection involves a physical inspection of the manufactured products as per the sampling procedure AQL or ISO 2859-1 (ANSI/ASQ Z1.4).

Our experienced team has prepared a thorough checklist that covers all the regulatory/on-site inspection requirements as demanded by all the major international regulatory bodies.

Tetra Inspection uses its swift yet methodical PSI inspection procedure to make sure that your customers stay satisfied with your products. 

Why Pre-shipment Inspection Is Important?

Pre-shipment inspectionA brand for a company is like a reputation for a person.”

  • Jeff Bezos (CEO, and president of Amazon)

Preshipment inspection maintains your brand image in front of the regulators and definitely, your clients.

PSI inspection helps you in avoiding supply-chain bottlenecks, fines due to regulatory violations and importantly, unsatisfied customers.

Since the regulatory requirements around the world change vary from region to region, it can get difficult for an organization to keep track of the latest regulations regarding the shipment of their products. Meanwhile, a pre-shipment inspection can greatly help in keeping your shipment in line with the latest regulations.

Here are a few ways pre-shipment inspection greatly benefits your business:

  • It helps you avoid any last minute hassles
  • Helps in avoiding expensive reworks and last-minute delays
  • Helps in avoiding fines by fulfilling all regulatory requirements
  • Helps in maintaining your brand image by ensuring the delivery of high-quality products to your clients
  • PSI inspection avoid misrouting/misplacement of your products