• Pre-shipment inspection

    What is Pre-shipment inspection

    What iѕ a Prе-Shiрmеnt Inѕресtiоn? A Prе-Shiрmеnt Inspection, оr PSI, iѕ a quality control mеthоd tо hеlр уоu ensure the quality of goods you rесеivе from suppliers. This process is called inspection PSI. Pre-shipment inspection PSI is very critical to any type of business importing goods from China or any other

  • electronics inspection

    China products inspection

    China exports millions of products monthly and every retailer, brand or importer needs a 3rd party inspection company that visits the factories at the source and inspect the products before the shipment.

  • Myanmar Inspection

    How the USA- China trade war benefits to Myanmar’s industry

    In reaction to the ongoing and soon-to-escalate trade war between China & USA, various manufacturers are relocating their factories from China to other Asian countries such as Myanmar.

  • China Inspection

    Product Inspection Services in China and Myanmar

    Product inspection is a must, during production, buyers and quality managers must track manufactured goods to ensure they comply with local regulations in the area where the products will be sold.

  • shoes inspection

    Pre-Shipment Inspection

    If you order goods or materials from anywhere, you need to be sure, before you pay for them and ship them to their destination, that they are fit for purpose. That's the reason for a pre-shipment inspection

  • quality assurance

    Products Inspection Types Explained

    Products Inspection Types ExplainedBeing an important element of quality control, product inspection allows you to check product quality on-site at different stages of the production process and before shipping.