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What is A Supplier Verification Audit?

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Supplier Verification Audit?

Supplier Verification Audit is an essential element of supply chain management that ensures you are working with the right partner.

Tetra Inspection auditors will visit your vendor’s site to ensure that the factory exists and has the legal documents to export the goods.

Supplier Verification Audit checklists provide an extensive assessment of the factory capabilities as well as the legal aspect of the factory, this is an essential step before confirming an order to a new factory.

What Do We Check During a Supplier Verification Audit?

  • Address conformity.
  • Legal structure.
  • Business license.
  • Export license.
  • Building conditions (storage, production... etc.).
  • Quality management system.
  • Assessment of production procedures and capacity.
  • Assessment of internal quality assurance procedures.
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Why You Need This Service

You need supplier verification audit to:

  • avoid scams and fake factories;
  • ensure you are working with the right partner;
  • assess factory capacity and capabilities before placing an order;
  • save time and money by solving problems before shipment;
  • guarantee high customer satisfaction by shipping the right goods;
  • protect your brand and reputation; and
  • monitor your supplier's performance.

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