Find the inspection sample size using our AQL Calculation tool.

The AQL Calculator is a convenient and simple tool to calculate the required sample size, just input your Lot Size, Inspection Level, and Inspection Type to find out the exact sample size according to the AQL standard.

You can also determine the number of tolerated defects by selecting the appropriate AQL Level.



Look for your lot size and find your letter based on the General Inspection Level (level II is the commonest). You can also define your Special Inspection Levels (only used for specific checks and testing).


Identify your sampling size based on the letter from the previous chart. Define your acceptable quality limits and find the maximum number of critical, major and minor defects. Generally, the limits used ore: critical- 0, major=- 2.5, minor=- 4.

critical defect

Critical Defects

Critical defects are the most serious defect category under the AQL table. Importers typically use a 0 tolerance policy for critical defects (AQL of 0.0). In other words, the entire order will fail inspection if inspectors find a single critical defect in the selected sample size.

The criteria for defining a critical defect are:

  • Pose a safety hazard to the expected user
  • Cause product recalls
  • Brand damaging defects

Example of critical defects:

  • Mold
  • Broken needle in a garment
  • Rusty items
  • Exposed nails or sharp edges
major defect

Major Defects

Less serious than critical defects, major defects are usually accepted in limited quantities. Typically, importers will assign the AQL stnadard limit 2.5 to major defects, 

The criteria for defining a Major defect are:

  • Affects the performance or function of a product
  • Affects product specifications
  • Causes the end customer to not buy or return the product

Example major defects:

  • Holes or tears on a fabric
  • Out of tolerance dimensions for industrial components
  • Uneven legs in an item of furniture
  • Excess glue on a footwear item
minor defect

Minor Defects

Most importers use AQL standard of 4.0 for minor defects, this is the least serious defect category, however, it can still cause the rejection of your order if found in large quantity.

The criteria for defining a minor defect are:

  • it doesn't affect the function or use of the product
  • Barely noticeable at arm distance
  • Would be unlikely to cause a return or make the product unsellable

Example minor defects:

  • Untrimmed threads on a garment or plush toy
  • Minor color shading 
  • Removable small dust
  • Hidden dent mark